Tips for Healthy Skin

It all boils down to the basics but following them often times can be hard, for example our diet.  We know what we should and should NOT be eating or how to get into the habit of eating certain foods in moderation.

Going to a Skin Therapist, I personally during my consultations ask “how’s your diet” and often times I get the giggle or chuckle and the response is “I know I should…or shouldn’t” but we’re human, right?  But it all comes from personal goals and training our minds to focus on our bodies.

Below are some helpful tips to attain and maintain healthy skin, in addition don’t forget to throw in some exercise (which can also help relieve any stress and get the blood flowing to help with getting those skin cells to turnover).


Next entry, I’ll introduce you to two new skin care lines that I am using: Willa and Apriori Beauty!


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