February deals from Beauty Society

This months deals are pretty spectacular! Love Thy Face + Refills, Fix It Men’s Eye Cream and Acne Relief are 20% off!


Love Thy Face is the strongest moisturizer since it’s formulated for those with dry sensitive and maturing skin (particularly beneficial for the next 6 weeks of winter!). This moisturizer helps repair your skin, hydrates and rebuild lost collagen. Plus! With refills on sale as well, you can pick up a pack and save on future purchases.

Fix It – Men’s eye cream targets puffiness, circles and lines around the eyes with a brilliant combination of vitamins and technology. Perfectly balanced with botanicals, chamomile, and licorice extract to alter the aging process while targeting sagging, wrinkles and sun damage. After all, men also need to take care of their skin as much they are in the outdoors exposed to the elements, they need some TLC too.

And lastly, if you or maybe a teen is suffering from acne problems, the Acne Relief system is on sale too! I wish I would’ve known of this years ago as I spent so much money on Proactive when I was having breakouts and acne issues. My skin eventually was immune to the Proactive products, but once I started using the Set Me Free cleanser and other items in this system, I no longer suffered from outbreaks! I highly recommend these products! And what’s so awesome about Beauty Society is that if you are not satisfied, they have a 12-month guarantee! How many other skincare lines do you know that offer this?

Another benefit you can enjoy is the Elite Customer program. It’s FREE to join and you can reap some great benefits…

You always receive 15% off products, free shipping, as well as monthly Customer Specials and exclusive 50% off items (additional 15% does not apply) that only Elite Customers can order. Shipping is free on EVERY order! And there’s an awesome Referral rewards program, as an elite customer, each person referred and signs in as an elite customer you earn $20!

If you’re interested in any of these specials or have questions, feel free to contact me!

Browse / visit http://www.mybeautysociety.com/reginats


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