Introducing – Scarlet! Put some red on for Valentines Day!

We are excited to announce that a specially wrapped Scarlet Lip Sheer is launching today and is only available while supplies last.

Packaged in our black pouch with a special tag that reads “Have Fun and Put Some Red Lips On,” this charming gift will brighten Valentine’s Day.

It’s priced at $30, and the SKU is 8038. Get yours before it’s gone.

Limited Time Offer!

Along with Scarlet in Beautycounter’s lineup there are 8 other colors:

Nude: A true nude
Petal: A light pink
Twig: A neutral, brownish pink
Coral: A pinkish orange
Rose: A vibrant pink
Scarlet: A true red
Currant: A rich maroon
Plum: A true berry
Raisin: A warm, brown berry

Our Lip Sheers get their soft touch from plant-based ingredients such as jojoba esters, and their light fragrance from real vanilla — not from synthetic flavors, or ingredients that are linked to health harm.

Bear in mind, Beautycounter ingredient’s process differs from all the rest by simply having the strictest selection process in the industry!  And what’s another added plus: great for all skintones!

So get this gift on time by shopping today!




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