Our most missed skincare opportunity!

One oversight that we (including myself) when we perform our skin care regimen is neglect our most provocative area….our décolletage!

The neck area (skin) is thinner than our facial area and over time can become prone to environmental damage, sag/wrinkle due to natural aging and also become dry…

So the next time you’re in the shower or wake up….try these home tips for taking care of this area:

Cleanse the décolleté each morning and evening.
Avoid harsh soaps and body washes.
Apply anti-aging cream or serum recommended for the décolletage.
Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen every morning.
Gently exfoliate the skin twice a week.

Beauty Society’s Perfect Form is on product specializing in the neck/décolleté


You can find it here: www.mybeautysociety.com/reginats


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