Chloe+Isabel a Great Innovative Jewelry Company

Ok as promised, I wanted to do a “quick” blog about this company and why I think you would love them too!  I joined the league as a Merchandiser over a year ago after surfing thru some Direct Sale companies.  I just wanted an outlet from my current full time job in the Air Force and to see what I could do as a “sales person”.  Well an ad came up and I looked at it and when I saw the jewelry pieces I thought “wow” these are some really cute pieces.

So I tossed the idea of joining for about a week and then said “what the heck” if I don’t like it I can return the kit and get my money back.  Well once my kit arrived I must say I fell in love with ALL the pieces.  Pieces that I NEVER would consider wearing just reeled me in.

The basis of Chloe+Isabel  is a fashion destination for creative & confident women. We are more than jewelry; we are a lifestyle brand with a genuine & unique personality, point of view, & mission.
Our brand was created based on the friendship philosophy that opposites attract. Chloe & Isabel represent best friends that express themselves in different ways
The Friendship Philosophy – the idea of two best friends with different personalities & styles, united by their passion for style & self-expression. Chloe & Isabel are names that represent the two personalities we see in our customers
Here at Chloe + Isabel, we never compromise on innovative & original design in all of our fashion jewelry collections. What is fashion jewelry? Fashion jewelry is a fun, affordable, & stylish way to make a statement without breaking the bank. Fashion jewelry pieces are not meant to last for generations; rather, you should find yourself wanting to replace them as often you would the clothes in your closet
From trend-driven styles to timeless classics, our pieces are frequently featured in the pages of Vogue, Glamour, US Weekly, Lucky, & InStyle, as well as on countless fashion & design blogs. All of our jewelry is exclusively designed by our in-house NYC design team, which has over 35 years of combined experience from top fashion houses.

Chloe + Isabel jewelry is produced at the world’s best-known fashion jewelry manufacturers, who also produce jewelry found at stores such as Neiman Marcus, Barney’s & Bergdorf Goodman. By designing & sourcing our pieces directly through our NYC studio & removing layers of middlemen, we are able to offer our luxe & timeless pieces at significantly lower prices.

At Chloe + Isabel, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. Our pieces are always Hypoallergenic, nickel-free, & lead safe, Packaged in keepsake pouches perfect for gifts, & Branded with signature Chloe + Isabel closures

We stand behind our jewelry, & because of this, we offer a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee on all pieces. In the unlikely instance that you experience defect or damage, we will replace the item at NO cost to you!

So I invite you to check out my online Boutique:

And see for yourself all the exquisite jewelry we offer, and if you’d like to sign up for my monthly newsletter let me know.  There (as well as my Facebook page) I offer inside incentives and special offers such as purchasing my samples at up to 50% off, giveaways, and other deals!  Check me out on Instagram: ginats23 as well.

And lastly, if you are interested in becoming a Merchandiser, let me know I can send you a special invite because not everyone is approved to be a Merchandiser, you actually have to go through an interview process believe it or not!

If you’ve shopped Chloe+Isabel before, please leave feedback on your experience or would like more information, becoming a hostess, or anything else!

Look forward to hearing from you all + have a great week + Happy Holidays!




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